The call to global ministry is an exciting one, and we’d be privileged to partner with you & your local church in this venture. Here’s how to become a GGM global worker.

First Steps

Talk to your church leadership & global ministry team. Your church should be the agency sending you, & will be the best counselor & authority to determine your call & fitness for occupational global ministry.

We’re here to help your church, so once you & your church have come to a decision, your church should contact us. We’ll then joyfully work with your church to help move you forward.

All GGM workers must affirm the truths in our Statement of Beliefs to be eligible. Read our Statement to make sure that you’re a good fit for service with GGM.

Download & fill out our application packet to apply for service. Some of the info we’ll ask for are the following:
  • Letter of recommendation from your sending church
  • Curriculum vitae or resum√©
  • Medical history
  • Permission to perform a background check
  • A brief account of your salvation testimony
  • Your affirmation of our Statement of Beliefs
Please mail your completed application to:
Grace Global Ministries
PO Box 12
Cedarville, OH 45314
After we review your application, the GGM Governing Board will decide whether to move forward with the application process.

If your application is accepted, we’ll set up a personal interview with you.

After the interview, the Board will make a final decision on whether to approve your application. We’ll then share the Board’s decision with you & your church.

pre-field steps

Determine the financial resources you’ll need to support your ministry.

The GGM treasurer will set up an account for you & address all needs to be covered through your account.

Find churches & individuals to support you, financially & spiritually, in meeting your ministry goals.

Work with your church leadership to have your church commission you before setting out for the field.

Once your financial goals are met, you’ve been commissioned, and you’re ready to leave, then leave for your field of ministry & begin your service with GGM.